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Pandora Proves It Is More Than Charms With A New Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry Collection

Pandora Jewelry is the world’s largest jewelry brand, generating some $3.2 billion last year by selling over 102 million pieces of jewelry in 100+ countries through 6,800 points of sale, including some 2,400 of its own stores. It became what it is today by reimaging the classic charm bracelet in 2000, which remains the company’s […]


Lab-Grown Diamonds Have Earned Luxury Status

In 2018, the FTC permitted “a mineral consisting essentially of pure carbon crystallized in the isometric system” to be described as a “diamond,” whether naturally occurring or man-made. Ever since then, the jewelry establishment has been erecting barriers of entry for lab-grown diamonds into their lucrative $84 billion global market. The Natural Diamond Council established […]

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Pandora and Diamond Foundry Answer Consumers’ Growing Demand for Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds, the manmade alternative to naturally-grown diamonds, have faced an uphill battle to be recognized by the jewelry industry as an acceptable alternative to mined diamonds. Now Pandora, the world’s largest jewelry company by volume, and Diamond Foundry, one of the nation’s leading producers of lab-grown diamonds, are out with news that prove the […]

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Do Lab-Grown Diamonds Fit into Your Store?

Creating a brand in an emerging category isn’t simple.  A well-thought-out strategy reflects where the category and best consumers are going rather than the current environment.  It’s easy to make mistakes.  In the jewelry business, the diamond industry’s powers-that-be would like to define you as something less than mined diamonds. Don’t allow someone else to […]