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Retailers: Give Your Small Business a Growth Spurt for Small Business Week

The first week of May is recognized as National Small Business Week to celebrate the contribution of the nation’s 28 million small businesses.  Small specialty retailers make up a preponderance of businesses recognized during this national week of celebration and recognition.

But other than providing a poster to announce the week in retailers’ windows, the Small Business Administration doesn’t offer much in the way of support to help those retailers on main streets across the country grow their businesses.  This new book, Shops that POP! 7 Steps to Extraordinary Retail Success, can remedy that! Shops that POP! mini

This just released book proclaims that small is the next big story in retail—small as in independently owned businesses, according to researcher and retail analyst, Pamela N. Danziger.  Shops that POP! helps specialty retailers grow their businesses with information and insights specific to their day-to-day business challenges.

Based upon research, Danziger predicts that  these small businesses will be in the retail “sweet spot” for the next decade, fueled by the desire of the highest-spending customers for new shopping experiences that they can’t find at the mall, in the national chains or in big box stores.  The most successful among these retailers will be those who have Shops that POP! 

Success in retailing today is LESS about what you sell, and MORE about how your sell it.

What is a ‘shop that POPs!’? Danziger explains, “A shop that POPs! creates an extraordinary shopping experience for the customer. Rather than just a store set up to sell stuff, it becomes a stage on which the shop owner tells their special story to and for the customer. It combines a unique vision with carefully curated products and services delivered in a personal and personalized way to people who are not just customers, but true friends. Specialty retailers must play to their number-one competitive advantage: their personal touch.”

“It’s simple:  Success in retail is less about WHAT they sell and more about HOW they sell it,”  Danziger says.  “Virtually any product sold by any specialty retailer is available elsewhere, and online probably for less. So the difference isn’t about the product, but how the product is staged to tell a story and how it is delivered to the customer face-to-face, person-to-person, hand-to-hand. That is what makes a shop POP! and what will bring customers back again and again for that special personal experience.”

Introducing Shops That POP! 7 Steps to Extraordinary Retail Success

This new book, Shops that POP! 7 Steps to Extraordinary Retail Success, from Paramount Market Publishing,  reveals seven ways retailers can transform their store from ordinary to extraordinary. The book leads with in-depth analysis of today’s evolving and demanding customers and emerging trends in retail that author Pam Danziger is known for.  Combined with engaging stories about retailers that have made their shops POP! from co-author Jennifer Patterson Lorenzetti, Shops that POP! tells how to craft a retailing experience that is irresistible to shoppers.

Shops that POP! reveals in detail the strategies 17 of the nation’s most successful independent retailers use to create a shopping experience that is different, distinctive, and fun. Customers today demand a true ‘customer-centric’ retailing experience, not in words as many big retailers do, but in reality, like today’s specialty independent retailers do by necessity and design.

“With the 7 POP! principles, the interviews and case studies included in Shops that POP! plus links to the POP! retailers websites and social media, you are invited behind the curtain to see how the best of America’s specialty independent retailers have created their success. Plus you’ll have an arsenal of tools and powerful ideas that can help revitalize your business and your Main Street,” Danziger concludes.

For more about this book or to order go to or your favorite bookstore or call Jim Madden at 888-787-8100.

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