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Researching the Market for Christmas Decorations?

Past history has shown that in the spring, sales of our Christmas Decorations Market Report spikes. Obviously it’s the time when marketers and retailers develop their marketing plans for the upcoming holiday season.

Indeed, we’ve recently delivered the new market report to a number of subscribers. And here is what one subscriber had to say about the latest report:

“Our Executive Team and Board of Directors was very impressed with the research report on Christmas. They thought Unity Marketing provided in depth data and insights, relative to prior due diligence exercises conducted by Bain Capital, which speaks volumes.”

I’m thrilled to hear that our report met — exceeded — the client’s expectations. I only wish they’d started their due diligence in the market for Christmas seasonal decorations with Unity Marketing. I’m certain the company’s CFO wishes so too.

If you’ve though about it, but never subscribed to a Unity Marketing report, here’s an opportunity to purchase the new Christmas Decorations Market Report at a 10% discount, now through April 30. And if you have previously subscribed to our seasonal decorations reports, today is the time to update your library at a reduced cost.

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Unity Marketing can also help you more effectively target their prime decorations customers with new designs, new displays and new marketing messages. Here’s some ideas:

  • Retailer & Channel Partners’ Study — Working with Unity Marketing to develop a channel partner strategic marketing program, which will help you gain insights and understandings from existing channel partners and use those insights to map a path to new partners that can give you product line new distribution and paths to market.
  • Find New Customers — Partner with Unity Marketing in a customize study of your product line and its potential marketing opportunties with consumers, including how to use social media to find new customers and prospects.

Unity Marketing can help you make this coming holiday season your best ever. Let us help you tap into our research, our analysis, and our marketing and branding strategy expertise. Email me at or call (717) 336-1600 to get started.

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