ACTs Executive Review Fall Winter 2015

Marketing Luxury in a Brand New Style Webinar (December 16, 2015 @ noon)

This webinar is ideal for:

  • Luxury brands
  • Marketers targeting affluent consumers
  • Retailers aimed at high-end customers
  • Advertising, branding and media agencies
  • Investors

What the research tells us:

In early October 2015, a total of 1,200 affluent consumers who made any high-end or luxury purchases over the past three months were surveyed as part of Unity Marketing’s Affluent Consumer Tracking Study (ACTS).   This survey focused on the products and services bought over the three-month study period, with the results compared to a similar survey conducted in early 2015 among the same type of high-end affluent consumers.  Click this link to learn more about the most recent findings.

This provides key insights about the latest trends in the affluent consumer market:  What’s hot, what’s not.  What brands they are buying, where they are shopping and how much they are spending.   It provides historic data covering affluent purchase behavior in the post-recession period, a contemporary view of their purchase behavior today and a forward-looking projections about their behavior in 2016 and beyond.

This webinar will provide highlights and key findings about these aspects in the luxury consumer market:

  • Home Luxuries.  The ACTS survey includes nine different product categories in the home luxury market.  In the current study affluents are extremely active purchasing home luxuries, with their spending up 29.6% overall over the previous three-month study period.   You’ll learn where they spent more, where they cut back and what these trends mean for brands targeting this customer.
  • Personal Luxuries.  Tracking affluent purchases over eight personal luxury product categories, including automobiles, the latest ACTS survey finds affluent spending slightly less on personal luxuries now as compared with the previous three-month period.  Yet, while overall spending is down in clothing, fashion accessories and beauty, other categories, notably jewelry, watches, wine and spirits and personal electronics,  posted strong growth in terms of spending.  Learn what the latest trends mean for your business in 2016.
  • Experiential Luxuries. In the latest ACTS survey, affluents held their experiential spending flat, but they spent less in each of the individual experiences tracked, including dining, salon/spa, physician services and travel.  Discover why affluents spent less in each category than in the past three-month period, only to spend about the same overall.  Learn how to position your experiential luxuries and attract affluent customers today based upon their current attitudes about spending.
  • Affluent Consumer Confidence.   Unity Marketing’s exclusive measure of affluent consumer confidence, the Luxury Consumption Index (LCI) rose sharply in fourth quarter 2015.  Learn what this improved environment can mean for your brand in 2016.

Luxury Consumption Index (LCI) 4Q2015

Is your brand prepared to prosper in 2016 amidst the changing needs of high-end American consumers?

What you’ll learn:

Unity Marketing has been tracking the mindset and buying preferences of affluent consumers for over 10 years.   President Pam Danziger will share highlights from the most recent ACTS survey to lay foundation to prepare you with new understanding of the affluent consumer mindset.  These research-based insights will help you develop new strategies and tactics to give you the edge over your competition and allow you to win more high-end customers and sell more high-priced products and services. In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to market luxury in a brand new style that speaks to a new generation of luxury consumers with changing priorities and expectations.
  • What it takes to get more luxury customers and to sell to the new mindset and expectations of young internet-powered affluent customers.
  • How to position yourself, your company, your brand to the mindset of today’s affluent customers.

Most importantly, this 50-minute webinar will reveal the way to reach today’s more value-driven luxury consumers by telling new stories about luxury that meets their current needs and fits their current mindset.   The old ways of selling and positioning luxury worked for yesterday’s luxury customers, not today’s. Marketing luxury in a brand new style will mean success for forward-looking brands and marketers aimed at today’s affluent, high-spending customers.

December 16 webinar will review the latest ACTS Shopper Track survey and present creative new ideas and strategies to market luxury in a brand new style

Register Here
Join Pam Danziger, president of Unity Marketing, for a live webinar on Wednesday December 16 @ noon Eastern to review the latest ACTS Shopper Track survey, as well as learn about marketing luxury in a brand new style focused on the needs, desires and lifestyles of today’s affluent consumers.  And if you can’t join the live webinar, don’t worry — the session will be recorded for later listening at your convenience, plus you will receive a copy of the presentation for study.
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