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Let There Be Light! Join Me at the American Lighting Association’s 2018 Annual Conference (September 25, 2018)

Join me September 25 in Asheville, NC at the American Lighting Association’s Annual Conference, Tuesday September 25, where I will be keynoting the morning session, followed by a break out session of special interest to lighting showrooms and retailers. My topics:

Let There Be Light: A Design Guide for Millennials’ Homes 

Millennials are the next generation of home owners. The millennial generation, numbering 75.4 million people and aged 21-37 years, are in the sweet spot for first-time home buying as well as major fixer-uppers.

Looking across that huge millennial generation, those with higher incomes and higher lifetime earning potential are the best prospects for higher-end home furnishings and lighting retailers and product manufacturers, like you.

Called HENRYs (high-earners-not-rich-yet), these affluent millennials are the new customers critical to attract to grow your lighting businesses in the future. But these HENRY millennials have different ideas of what a home should be and how they want to live. What worked selling lighting to previous generations is not going to work for millennial HENRYs. You must market your higher-end products and services in a brand new style.

In this presentation, I will identify 10 design trends to capture the attention, imagination and spending of this next generation affluent consumer. Based upon in-depth research, conference attendees will understand the nuances of this next generation consumer and how to appeal to their new sensibilities and preferences in homes.

Light your Customers’ Fire: How to Make Your Lighting Shop POP!

A shop that POPs! is one that creates an extraordinary customer experience that includes not just extraordinary products, but extraordinary displays that attract customer curiosity, in-store service that builds customer involvement and prices that offer the greatest value to the customer. Shops that POP! understand that in today’s environment retail success is less about WHAT you sell, and more about HOW you sell it.

What the best customer prospects are looking for is a lighting retailer that puts them, their needs and desires first; a shop that truly understands them.  In this talk, I will share the 7 steps to extraordinary retail success and how to implement a truly customer-centered shopping experience as explained in my new book, Shops that POP! 7 Steps for Extraordinary Retail Success.  I will also take you behind the scenes of Bright Light Design Center to reveal the trade secrets that make their store not just ordinary but extraordinary — a lighting shop that POPs!

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ALA 2018 Annual Conference

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