ACTS Prospectus October 2015

How Will HENRYs Shop in 2016? What Luxury Brands Will Ultra-Affluents Favor?

You Are Invited to Sponsor a New Study of Affluents and their Shopping Preferences & High-End Purchases

  • What are the trends will impact the shopping behavior of affluents in 2016?
  • How will those trends affect your company’s growth prospects this year?
  • What challenges will you face at retail this year?
  • What opportunities can help you prospect in retailing this year?
  • What does affluent consumer confidence predict for their spending and purchasing for 2016?

The affluent are the most important customers for retailers across all pricing levels.  They make up only 20% of total U.S. households, yet account for about 50% of all consumer spending at retail.  These are the most important customers for any retailer at any price-point, high, low or in the middle.

This new Affluent Consumer Tracking Study will examine the shopping and purchase behavior of those most valuable and high potential retail customers.  Success at retail starts with understanding the customers and this study will provide an independent look at the shoppers you already have, plus the potential customers who walk by your door.

Marketing success starts with understanding the customers

This study will get you started with new insights about the most valuable customers – The Affluents!

If yours is a brand that depends on the outsized spending of affluent consumers, this new study will give you the data you need to capture that spending.  We will study and report on:

  • Where affluents are shopping, including department stores, specialty retail, online and services (travel, dining, spa, physician, interior designers)
  • How much they spent and what they bought in their most recent shopping experience
  • Why they shop, including their motivations and expectations when seeking out new products and services to purchase

And because this study is a longitudinal look at the shopping behavior of affluents, you will get reporting on trends in where, why and how affluents are shopping.

  • What stores are attracting more affluent shoppers and which stores are losing share of affluent purchases
  • How spending is trending and in what categories its going up and down
  • What affluent consumer confidence predicts for the rest of 2016 in their high-end purchases and spending
  • Which brands are favored by affluent shoppers

Unity Marketing’s Affluent Consumer Tracking Study (ACTS) has proven to be a reliable, authoritative study of the purchase, spending and brand preferences of the U.S. consumer market at the top 20% of income.  It has been fielded since 2004, providing a pre-and-post recession view of the affluent consumer market.  Led by researcher Pam Danziger, it is an independent and internationally recognized resource of consumer intelligence for leading luxury and high-end brands and marketers.

Contact, call 717-336-1600 or click the link complete to download a prospectus to find out how this new study can add to your understanding of the affluent consumers or to discuss your specific research needs.

Download ACTS Shopper Track Spring 2016 Prospectus
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