How to Connect your Brand with Your Best Target Customer Online

Unity Marketing provides focused consumer insights to help your business thrive in the online world

A client recently came to Unity Marketing because they wanted to make a big splash with a new online website rich in content.  They had questions about the content strategy, what information it should communicate and how best to engage the target customers.

Conduct research to tailor online content to the specific lifestyle interests of your best customers.

Raw data about their current customers was plentiful from internal and syndicated sources, but it could only go so far to help them tailor the online content to their most desired customer, a younger, more online-savvy and fashion-forward affluent woman.

They came to Unity Marketing because of our expertise around the customers they were keen to attract – the HENRYs (High Earners Not Rich Yet).   We conducted a focus group study to learn more about these women’s lifestyles and shopping behavior, how they see themselves, and what information they value.

What we uncovered in this study was a critical disconnect between the proposed content and the target customers’ lifestyles.  While these women were eager to become immersed in the world of the client – and buy the products presented – they had trouble finding a way to “latch onto” the online content and see how this information could be incorporated into their own lives.  The client needed to make their brand relevant to these women in a concrete, engaging way online.

In the focus groups these young HENRY women talked, then we interpreted what they said through a marketer’s lens focused on branding strategies, and combined it with quantitative data from our vast library of primary consumer research.

The result:  A research-based action plan about how to use the new online platform to connect with the targeted customers.  We discovered story lines that would spark these women’s interest and connect them through the website, as well as drive them to a real-world customer engagement with the client’s core products.

Rather than guessing on the right strategy, our client came away with a research-based plan that powered their launch with insights and understanding about the real women they need to attract for the future growth of their business.

Do you have a new idea but are uncertain how to connect with your best prospect?  Don’t guess on strategy, do your due diligence with focused consumer research

Many businesses are in the same boat as this client. They have great ideas and a great product, but they don’t know quite how to get the consumer to connect. And, without this connection, no amount of hard work, creativity, or advertising budget will bring success.

That’s why Unity Marketing offers custom research, tailored to the needs of your specific business objectives and focused on helping you encourage your customers to engage with your core product.

The best custom research delivers information on three key perspectives:

  • Demographics: This is the traditional hard data of market research, providing a foundation of knowledge of who can afford the goods and services you offer and the details of their socioeconomic profile. What do you know about the demographics of the affluent consumers you target?
  • Purchase Behavior: A predictor of future behavior, this information tells you what people have purchased in the past, where they made their purchase, and how they go about making their purchase decisions. What behaviors characterize your target customers’ road to purchase and how can your brand engage them at every touchpoint in the process?
  • Psychographics: The most important part of market research, psychographics tell you why people buy the goods and services they do, what their key beliefs and motivators are, and how to tap into these motivators to encourage people to engage with your product or service. Too many marketers hold a ‘one-size-fits-all’ belief about the affluent consumers’ psychology. Nothing is further from the truth.  Do you understand the distinct segments found among the consumers who can afford the high-end goods and services you sell – the affluents – and how to present a value proposition to each that encourages them to buy?

The psychographic analysis is the most important cog in the wheel of effective market research, and it can only be achieved with custom research, such as the focus group study we recently conducted.

Unity Marketing has the expertise and resources to help connect with your best target customers

Custom research can be surprisingly affordable for businesses regardless of size. Often, we can gather the qualitative data we need with one or two focus groups. Then, we combine that with our proprietary quantitative data from our vast research library to create a detailed analysis and a series of recommendations tailored specifically to your needs.

Just as we did with our recent client, we can learn why your customers buy and how to help you make a connection between your product or service and your target market.

Many companies think custom research is, in fact, out of reach, but our experience has proven that it is the essential part of keeping your business on track. Why don’t you call me at (717) 336-1600 to learn how Unity Marketing can create a custom research solution to fill the gaps in your marketing program?