How Patina Gallery Stands Out in a City Filled with Art Galleries

Santa Fe, New Mexico’s Patina Gallery faces an especially challenging competitive marketplace.  It’s located in a city filled with other art galleries that attracts art-buyers, not just from the local community, but from across the world.  But Patina has discovered ways to stand out in a crowded field to become a ‘shop that POPs!’ by creating extraordinary and unique experiences for the Santa Fe community and its guests.

Patina Gallery uses openings and shows to promote their art and artists like everybody else.  So Patina decided to go in a new direction, to extend their reach beyond the four walls of their gallery and out into the community.  Patina Gallery forged a relationship with another Santa Fe cultural icon – The Santa Fe Opera – to create an event integrating opera and art.

It proved to be an inspiring success for both.  It was so successful for Patina Gallery because rather than just being a typical opening, which puts all the focus on the art, i.e. what it hopes to sell, this event was focused on the customers and the community.  As a result, it brought new people into the gallery, people that support the Santa Fe Opera and may have never set foot into the gallery space, but because of their interests are likely to share an appreciation for art, sculpture and artisan jewelry that Patina Gallery showcases.  It was Win/Win for Patina Gallery, Santa Fe Opera and the community.

“The Santa Fe Opera is an international destination for opera lovers, so partnering with them is an ideal match,” says Ivan Barnett, who with his wife Allison, own Patina Gallery.  

“Sophisticated opera devotees are not unlike Patina’s devotees, so it was an absolute natural collaboration, and one that we have been nurturing for over half a decade. Each season SFO produces and features unusual premieres, which has put them in a new light internationally. Patina is a likeminded company, and it feels like a perfect fit.”

Further contributing to success was that Patina themed the event with Santa Fe Opera’s theatrical opening, including imaginative references to Mozart’s La Finta Giardiniera.  Apprentices from SFO were costumed by the opera’s designer David Zimmerman and they modeled contemporary jewelry designed by Peter Schmid of Atelier Zobel.  The private SFO cocktail party was integrated with the gallery’s 14th exhibition showcasing a jewelry exhibition by Atelier Zobel, for which artist Peter Schmid came from Germany to attend.

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