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I just got back from Artexpo New York where I addressed a packed audience about Marketing Original Art in New Luxury Style. One exhibitor came up to me afterwards and said that my talk ‘had been worth the price of admission.’  That’s why I wanted to share my message with you.

In a nutshell, I spoke about how buying original art is one of the most personal types of purchases a customer can make. People don’t buy your original art because it matches the color of their sofa.

They buy art because they appreciate and want to engage with your creativity as a way to express their own creativity. Your original art becomes the vehicle for their self expression. It’s all about that personal connection between you and your art and the customer.

In marketing original art, keep it personal, make it meaningful for your customers

So my message to the Artexpo exhibitors attending was:

“Make the Artexpo show more about connecting and engaging with the people who come to the show. Make your show LESS about selling art and MORE about meeting people, sharing and connecting with them!”

It was a valued message that they appreciated.  The show sponsor said, “Lots of very positive comments about your presentation! Everyone loved it – and the content was right on target.”
More comments from the group:
  • Thank you for your great presentation! I walked away with much useful information.
  • Thanks for the information Pam…I enjoyed and learned new things from your talk!
  • Very education presentation, and
  • I enjoyed and learned new things from your talk!

I’m thrilled my talk was so well received and I want to get this important information out to you so you too can benefit from our art market research and expertise.

I recently wrote a report, “Art Gallery’s Guide to the New Consumer Art Market: Retailer’s Guide to Marketing Art in New Luxury Style,” which focused on art gallery owners and managers.  Some of the information from that report I shared at Artexpo, but more was original, research-led takeaways aimed specifically at working artists, not just gallery owners.

Because my comments at Artexpo were so widely appreciated, I’d like to share both the Art Gallery’s Guide and my presentation at Artexpo with you today.

Here’s a link to order your copies now.

Unity Marketing can also help you more effectively target the affluent customers who are the prime targets for any working artist or the galleries that feature their work.  Here’s some ideas:
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  • Retailer & Channel Partners’ Study — Unity Marketing can work with artists and manufacturers that sell into the art market to develop a channel partner strategic marketing program, which will help you build greater sell-through with existing partners and map a path to new partners that can give your product line new distribution and paths to market.
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Unity Marketing can help you grow your business through targeted market research and consumer insights.   Let us tap our extensive research library, our analysis, and our marketing and branding strategy expertise to grow your business and find new customers.  Email me or call (717) 336-1600 to get started.