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Tiffany Knows the Power of Gifting to Build a Brand

Deloitte, the international management consulting firm, just issued a research report about the changing tastes and behavior of affluent luxury consumers. Among the key take aways from the report is one about the power of targeting the gift market. The report states: “ They must have read Unity Marketing’s new Gifting Report, which details the enormous […]

go-go gifts

You Can’t Afford to Wait Till Christmas, Get Your Gifting Strategies On Now!

While the annual year-end holiday gifting season receives the lion’s share of marketer and retailer attention when it comes to the gifting market, the reality is that gifting represents a significant marketing opportunity throughout the whole year. Out of the typical gifters’ annual gifting budget, Christmas accounts for slightly less than half of the total.  […]

Affluents Are Enjoying the Little Things in Life – Resisting the Temptation to Over-Spend & Liking It

Affluent consumer confidence took another turn for the worst in the second quarter 2015, according to the latest survey conducted by Unity Marketing. The five key measures of how affluents feel about the overall economic health of the country and their personal financial situation all dipped in the most recent survey after rising in the […]

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J. Crew Lost Focus on Its Affluent Customer and Learned a Painful Lesson

CEO Mickey Drexler learns “Customer is always right” after “lousy year” You have to feel a bit sorry for J. Crew CEO Mickey Drexler. After all, fashion is all about change and keeping on the cutting edge. But when J. Crew tried to do that, changing its cuts and styles to appear more trendy and […]