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Retail Innovation: How To Disruption-Proof Your Business

Traditional, long-established retailers feel much like sitting ducks today. While the National Retail Federation tries to encourage the industry with Vice President Pence playing cheerleader recently at the NRF Retail Advocacy Summit in Washington, D.C. saying “The best days for American retailers are ahead,” most of those in the audience must have agreed, simply because retail seems […]

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Five Ways the QVC and HSN Merger Will Disrupt the Retail Landscape

We all remember the 2000 hit movie “The Perfect Storm” starring George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg and Diane Lane about the ill-fated Andrea Gail fishing boat battling the confluence of three massive storms in the Atlantic Ocean. I can think of no better analogy to what the retail industry is facing now that QVC is merging […]

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Amazon’s Next Big Play: Furnishing American Homes

As consumers progress through life stages, each stage presents predictable triggers for consumer purchases in specific categories. Now that the 92-million strong millennial generation is finally starting to grow up, marketers targeting young adults are getting ready for a killing. Born from 1980-2000, the leading-edge millennials are turning 37 this year and while they have […]

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Beware the Barbell Effect: Feeling the Death Squeeze?

The Barbell Effect is a phrase common to investing, where investors split their investment portfolio between startup companies on one end and mature companies on the other.  The idea is to balance the weight, and risk, on both ends so the portfolio looks like a barbell. Jim Blasingame, the Small Business Advocate and author of […]

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Successful Content Marketing Starts with Research

Today it seems like every brand is doing it:  Content Marketing.  Gone are the days of simply taking out an ad with a product-as-hero picture and some expressively, and expensively, crafted benefits copy to sell.  Now brands need to tell stories about their products and what unique differences they offer to the customer.  So content […]