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Do Lab-Grown Diamonds Fit into Your Store?

Creating a brand in an emerging category isn’t simple.  A well-thought-out strategy reflects where the category and best consumers are going rather than the current environment.  It’s easy to make mistakes.  In the jewelry business, the diamond industry’s powers-that-be would like to define you as something less than mined diamonds. Don’t allow someone else to […]

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Three Jewelry Veterans Create Clean Origin For The Industry’s Millennial Future: Lab-Grown Diamonds Sold Online

Clean Origin is the digitally-native lab-grown diamond jewelry startup created by Alex Weindling, third-generation diamond merchant; Ryan Bonifacino, former CMO/Digital SVP Alex & Ani; and Terry Burman, former CEO Signet Jewelers, Sterling Jewelers and Zale Corporation.

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Why Are Jewelry Retailers Saying ‘I Don’t’ To Lab-Grown Diamonds If Millennials Say ‘I Do’?

The $80 billion mined-diamond industry is at a tipping point as man-made diamonds are offering consumers a new option. When consumers are given a choice between buying a 1 carat mined diamond for $5,000 or a bigger 1.25 carat lab-grown diamond for the same price, more people are opting for the bigger lab-grown stone. It is […]

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De Beers Launches Lab-Grown Diamonds: Response to Demand or Move to Dominate the Market?

After years of disavowing the authenticity of man-made diamonds grown in a laboratory, De Beers has suddenly seen the light and responded to consumer demand by offering a lab-grown diamond alternative under the Lightbox Jewelry name. That is what the company would have you believe in its recent announcement that advancements in technology have now made it […]

State of Luxury 2020

State of Luxury 2020: The Insider View Report

This fourth annual State of Luxury report produced by Luxury Daily, The Home Trust International and Unity Marketing reveals: Trends measuring the pulse of the luxury business from four years of consecutive surveys among luxury insiders from the luxury goods, services/experiences sectors and companies that provide advertising, marketing, consulting and other support services to luxury […]