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What’s Needed to Turnaround Gap?

For nearly a year, we’ve been anticipating Gap Inc. to split off Old Navy, the largest of its six brands with about the same number of stores globally as the flagship Gap brand – 1,219 Old Navy stores compared with 1,221 Gap – but with nearly half ($5.7 billion) of total corporate sales ($11.7 billion) […]

Girl power in retail

Why Retailers Need More Girl Power

We’ve all heard the statistics: Women account or influence between 70-to-80 percent of all household spending. In retail, women outnumber men on the sales floor by a ratio of 2:1. The Mom Project Labs (MP Labs), the research and insights division of the Mom Project which helps businesses build a better workplace for mothers, studied […]

Hong Kong Protests and Louis Vuitton

Will Protests Cause More Luxury Brands To Follow Louis Vuitton And Reduce Exposure In Hong Kong?

Ever since anti-government protestors took to the streets of Hong Kong in June of last year, luxury brands have taken a wait-and-see approach regarding business there. A planned Chanel store on Fashion Walk in the Causeway Bay district was put on hold, as was the opening of LVMH’s Rimowa luggage store in the same district. […]

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lab-grown diamonds

Do Lab-Grown Diamonds Fit into Your Store?

Creating a brand in an emerging category isn’t simple.  A well-thought-out strategy reflects where the category and best consumers are going rather than the current environment.  It’s easy to make mistakes.  In the jewelry business, the diamond industry’s powers-that-be would like to define you as something less than mined diamonds. Don’t allow someone else to […]

Millennials at home

What Millennials Are Looking For To Decorate Their Homes

Now that Millennials, the largest American generation in history some 80 million strong, are aging into the prime years for buying home furnishings, it should be glory days for furniture and home furnishings stores. But that is decidedly not the case. Through November 2019, retail sales in that segment were up only .4%, while retail […]